Anyone Can Write

I had an interesting conversation with my mother--more like an ongoing one--where she praises how well I can write and how she wishes she could. So I told her, ANYONE CAN WRITE. And seriously, anyone can. Can you read? You can write. Can you speak? You can write. Countless journals have been published that are… Continue reading Anyone Can Write

On Audience and Thunderstorms

I wrote this in December last year while floundering for what I wanted to write about. The truth is, you are always floundering, even if you KNOW what you want to write. This was part of the struggle last year, and though most of it is written in second person, you will get the gist:… Continue reading On Audience and Thunderstorms

Christmas and Obligation

While Christmas shopping last night, I couldn’t help but notice the faces of those around me, the harried looks, the frantic airs. How I saw myself in them! How much I wished to throw down all in the face of such, disgusted with the SHOW of Christmas spirit but none of the care, yet stay… Continue reading Christmas and Obligation

On Anxiety, Depression, and Writing

This has been a difficult subject for me to tackle, as I'm sure most would agree. At least, I'm agreeing with myself and maybe a few others would, too; I don't profess to be a mind reader. I've struggled with depression and anxiety for nearly all of my life, possibly before anything traumatic ever happened… Continue reading On Anxiety, Depression, and Writing